Our team

Julia Weston - Chief Executive

Julia is responsible for the overall running of the Trust. Before joining us as Fellowship Director in 2008, she spent eight years in the Tibetan exile community in the Himalayan foothills establishing health, welfare and education programmes to support refugees' transition to life in India.

Tuck Choo - Interim Head of Finance

Tuck provides information and guidance to Julia and the Trustees as well as administering the finances and accounts. Tuck started his career in audit practice, graduated in the Financial Services industry and subsequently moved into the third sector. He is a qualified accountant.

Jessica Andrews - Office Administrator

Jessica is responsible for the day-to-day running of the office, and provides administrative support to the team. She will usually be the voice at the end of the phone when you call the office. Before joining the Trust, Jessica worked for an international not-for-profit in Australia, where she is originally from. In her spare time she enjoys spending time outdoors and seeing the sights of London. 

Sara Canullo - Fellowship Director

As our Fellowship Director, Sara is involved in all aspects of the Fellowship programme. Prior to joining the Trust, Sara had a career as an archaeologist before moving to the Third sector, where her work mainly focused on education, equality and gender-based violence. She enjoys learning about many more areas through the Fellows’ travels and reports.  

Sara Venerus - Fellowship Support Manager

Sara's main responsibilities are to provide guidance and support to Fellows, particularly prior to their departure, and she hopes one day to be able to visit some of the amazing places Fellows visit! Together with Harj Garcha, Stephanie Talbut and Sara Canullo she forms part of the Fellowship Team.

Harj Garcha - Fellowship Development Manager

Harj is responsible for assisting Fellows once they return from their travels, and manages the monitoring and evaluation programme of the Fellowship Scheme. Prior to joining the Trust in 2013, Harj worked in the third and public sectors. Harj is currently on maternity leave until December 2017.

Tristan Lawrence - Fellowship Development Manager (Maternity Cover)

Tristan is now covering Harj's responsiblities whilst she is on maternity leave, and will be assisting Fellows once they return from their travels and managing the Fellows networks. Before joining the Trust, Tristan had experience working with educational and political charities. In his spare time Tristan enjoys reading history, running, and exploring London’s many fine museums and pubs.

Stephanie Talbut - Research and Impact Manager

Stephanie leads on the development of the evaluation methods used by Fellows to demonstrate the impact of their work. Stephanie works with our Communications team to ensure that the impact of our Fellows is articulated for a variety of audiences, as well as supporting Fellows in taking their research further. Stephanie holds a PhD in International Relations from the University of Leeds. She has previously worked in the third sector and Parliament. 

Alan Vigner - Data Manager

Alan looks after the data and IT systems for the organisation, keeping a watchful eye on the online Fellowship application process and regularly turning things off and then turning them back on again. In his spare time Alan enjoys looking at the stars when away from London.

Helen Aherne - Communications Manager

Helen's role is to publicise our work, the achievements of our Fellows, and to raise awareness of the benefits that a Fellowship can bring to an individual, as well as to the wider community. She has responsibility for both publicity and marketing, and for developing connections with relevant organisations and employers, in order to keep attracting applicants who can really make a difference in their field of interest. Helen and Ben work closely on Fellows' stories and press releases.

Ben Anstis - Communications Officer 

Ben supports Helen in publicising the work of the Trust and the achievements of our Fellows. He works on Fellows' stories and press releases, and oversees the Trust's social media presence. Ben has several years' experience of working in the charity sector and most recently worked for Compact Voice, a programme within NCVO supporting voluntary organisations to work in partnership with government.