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Why should I apply for a Travelling Fellowship?

  • The Fellowship experience will give you new or enhanced knowledge and greater credibility.
  • You will gain a new vision of life and/or work through the experience.
  • You will return with a greater belief in your own abilities to achieve, and greater confidence.
  • You may have to operate out of your own comfort zone and will learn from doing so.
  • Anyone can travel nowadays but the Travelling Fellowship gives you the time and space, with full financial support, to learn, reflect and develop in your chosen field, returning revitalised and with renewed enthusiasm for your subject.

How will others benefit from my Fellowship?

  • Your new or enhanced knowledge and renewed enthusiasm will directly benefit your colleagues, friends and family.
  • You will be able to train others in your skills and convince them to develop further new skills through your personal example.
  • You will inspire others to achieve more by acting as a role model.

How will my employer benefit from my Travelling Fellowship?

  • You will return with new knowledge and ideas to share with your organisation.
  • You will be more effective at work, having been reinvigorated by your Fellowship.
  • Your communication skills will have been enhanced and you will be more confident in your abilities.
  • You should have acquired new perspectives on best practice and innovative solutions to known issues or problems.
  • To quote one of our Fellows: "There really is no other learning opportunity like it and it has revitalised my creativity and enthusiasm no end."


Application dates

Applications are open.

Check your eligibility, look at the application guidelines below, and apply online before 5pm on Tuesday 23rd September.

Application Guidelines
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