Why apply?

"The Fellowship award has opened doors I didn’t even know existed. I’ve developed the professional skills to push forward children’s advocacy at every possible opportunity."

Dr Andrew Rowland, Fellow of 2014


"This was a truly life-changing experience both professionally and personally."

John Boulton, Fellow of 2005

Nowadays it's much easier to travel but the travel grant gives you the time and space, with full financial support, to learn, reflect, network and develop in your chosen field, returning revitalised and with renewed enthusiasm for your subject. You may have to operate out of your own comfort zone and will learn from doing so.

"One of the most valuable experiences of my career - I have felt inspired, challenged, reflective, honoured, and humbled by the opportunities I've had."

Deanna Gibbs, Fellow of 2013

A journey of personal transformation

The experience of a Travelling Fellowship gives you:

  • new or enhanced knowledge and greater credibility
  • a new vision of life and/or work through the experience
  • new perspectives on best practice and innovative solutions to known issues or problems
  • a greater belief in your own abilities to achieve
  • renewed enthusiasm
  • enhanced communication skills
  • a network of individuals working in the same field

"The Fellowship allowed me to expand my horizons."

Leon Clowes, Fellow of 2011

Who else benefits?

The benefits will reach those in your community, profession and beyond. You will:

  • be more effective at work, having been reinvigorated by your Fellowship
  • return with new knowledge and ideas to share with your organisation or employer
  • inspire others to achieve more by acting as a role model
  • train others and enable them to develop further through your personal example