Crafts and Design

Crafts and Makers

A Fellowship allows you to go overseas and look at good practice and innovative programmes so that you can return to the UK and share the new ideas for the improvement of your sector or trade.

We are interested in receiving applications for projects across the wide field of Crafts and Design.

Would you benefit from travelling overseas to meet other people with the same specialism as you? Would you be prepared to share your findings for the improvement of your sector, and the UK as a whole, on your return?

If the answer is yes, and you would like to visit innovative programmes abroad so that you could transfer or adapt them to the UK, a Churchill Fellowship could be for you.

Additional funding for interpreters is available as part of this category.

This category is in partnership with the British Council. Successful applicants in this category will be eligible to apply to the British Council's Architecture, Design, Fashion department for a grant to follow up their Churchill Fellowship. These grants will help with events, exhibitions and further international collaboration.

Read about our Craft and Designer Fellows, and find out how their work has contributed to the fields of Craft and Design.