Early Years Prevention & Intervention

Early PreventionAre you involved in policy and delivering programmes, in particular via primary prevention, giving children aged zero to three years the social and emotional bedrock they need to reach their full potential?

If you are, and you feel that you would benefit from travel overseas to learn from good practice and innovative programmes in other countries, then a Churchill Fellowship offers you that opportunity. This category is in partnership with Wave Trust and also The Dulverton Trust, who is very interested in supporting charities working in this area.

We are keen to hear from those working with charities on practical programmes in this area. Successful Fellows who work for charities in this field may be eligible to apply to The Dulverton Trust for funding to implement programmes they have researched on their Fellowship.

Additional funding for interpreters is available as part of this category.

Read previous Fellows' stories and work in this area.

We are particularly interested in proposals to investigate interventions, systems or approaches which:

  • promote secure attachment, or prevent disorganised attachment
  • promote infant mental health
  • prevent the occurrence of physical or emotional abuse or neglect in the lives of children from birth to age three
  • promote good couple relationships
  • prevent domestic violence and abuse during pregnancy and in the first year after a child's birth
  • provide targeted support to mothers, fathers or families where there are 'at risk' situations for children's wellbeing - e.g. substance abuse, mental health issues, domestic violence, prior history of the parent having been abused
  • demonstrate best practice in taking children into Care where it is considered unsafe or impractical to leave them with their birth parents
  • provide pre-natal support to parents to foster the healthy social and emotional development of their future children
  • promote good 'attunement' (responsive parent-infant bonding) between parent and child
  • are universal in scope and ensure the best possible start in life for children's social and emotional development

The essential task of the first year of human life is the creation of a secure attachment bond of emotional communication between the infant and the primary caregiver. 

Dr Alan Schore, Neuropsychoanalyst, UCLA

George Hosking, CEO of Wave Trust speaking at our 'Early Years Prevention & Intervention' seminar in March 2015  (9 mins)