Fellows' blogs

Below is a selection of blogs from Fellows who are currently travelling the world on their Fellowships. Follow the links to read about these Fellows’ latest findings.

Ceri Wyn Morris, a Marine Mammal Specialist from Llandudno Junction, Conwy, is travelling in Canada and New Zealand to study approaches to minimising the impact of tidal energy development on marine mammals. Read Ceri's blog

Dr Susanne Burns, an arts and cultural sector consultant from Sunderland, is travelling in Australia and the USA to study models of supporting artists whose work enables others to participate in the arts. Read Susanne's blog

Lorraine George, a Childcare Development Worker from Torquay, is travelling in the USA to explore the benefits of co-locating care for young children and seniors. Read Lorraine's blog

Ellie MacLennan, a Marine Conservation Researcher from the Isle of Skye, is travelling in Canada and the USA to investigate measures aimed at preventing marine mammals from dying as a result of entanglement in fishing gear. Read Ellie's Facebook page

Tamsin Stirling, a freelance housing researcher from Cardiff, who will be travelling to Canada and the USA to investigate approaches to engaging communities in tackling youth homelessness. Read Tamsin's blog

Dr Emma Garland, a policy and research officer from Hull, will be travelling to the USA to study intergenerational housing projects. Read Emma's blog

Martin Malcolm, from the Isle of Lewis, and Head of Public Health Intelligence with NHS Western Isles, is travelling in Canada and New Zealand to explore approaches to tackling social isolation and loneliness in rural communities. Read Martin's blog

Kerry Astin, a Youth Work Development Director from Stockwell, is travelling in the USA to explore approaches to maintaining sustainable youth work organisations. Read Kerry's blog

Dr Hannah Grist, a Marine Ecologist from Oban, Scotland, is travelling in Germany and the USA to study efforts to improve the general public's understanding of science through involving them in scientific research. Read Hannah's blog

Louise Cannon, from Dudley, and award manager with The Foundation for Social Entrepreneurs, is travelling in Denmark, Germany and the Netherlands to explore the role of leaders in driving change in sustainable housing. Read Louise's blog

Dr George Julian, from Newton Abbot, is a freelance Knowledge Transfer Consultant and special advisor to the Care Quality Commission. She is travelling in Australia, Canada and New Zealand to research approaches to investigating the deaths of learning disabled patients. Read George's blog

Arfah Farooq, from East Ham, and the Head of Marketing at the Makers Academy, is travelling in Pakistan, the United Arab Emirates and the USA to explore the potential for greater participation in the technology sector among Muslim women. Like her Facebook page, Instagram hashtag or subscribe to her YouTube channel to follow Arfah's Fellowship.

A 2017 Fellow, who wishes not to be named, is travelling in Australia and the USA to research body farms, facilities for studying human and animal remains. You can read their blog here

Dr Kat Taylor, a Clinical Psychologist and researcher from Lancaster, who will be travelling to Finland and the USA to study initiatives embedding the arts in health care. Read Kat's blog

Jeszemma Garratt, from Dudley, and Training and Development Manager at the Fatherhood Institute, is travelling in Canada, Trinidad & Tobago and Vietnam to investigate approaches to engaging fathers in supporting their partners to breastfeed. Read Jeszemma's blog

Patrick Duce, from Tottenham, and the Innovation and Good Practice Project Manager at Homeless Link, is travelling in Canada and Germany to explore approaches to supporting the accommodation and integration needs of refugees. Read Patrick's blog

Faye McNulty, a textile designer from Hackney, is travelling in Australia and Japan to study traditional and sustainable textile print processes. Read Faye's blog