Fellows' Networks

Fellows' networks

As a Churchill Fellow you become part of a unique network of individuals. United by the experience of the Fellowship you have much to share with each other across a wide range of expertise. There are several ways in which you can do this:

  • regional networks, or Associations of Churchill Fellows, are well-established, with 14 of them covering the whole of the UK. They help publicise the Fellowships in their regions, as well as organising meetings and social functions for local Fellows
  • all new Fellows are connected by email to existing Fellows on award. Members of these networks by topic are encouraged to share knowledge online, or at network meetings
  • we have a very active LinkedIn Group that enables Fellows to exchange travel tips, share blog links, announce project developments and request advice and help

If you are not already part of one of these networks, please get in touch and we will connect you. If your field is not yet represented and you’d like us to search for other Fellows to connect you with, please contact us.

Social Media

We are also on the following social media channels which are open to everyone. We post regular updates and encourage Fellows to share relevant updates on their Fellowship and work: