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Do you work in education? Would you like to visit other countries to see for yourself how their education systems work? Are you in a position to disseminate the new knowledge and examples of best practice that you will observe, for the wider benefit of your community and the UK? Below are the three areas we're interested in for the forthcoming year, each is in partnership with organisations whose networks you will be able to join if you become a Churchill Fellow.    

mercers logo.jpgIf you're interested in visiting projects overseas which improve the educational achievement of students aged 5-19 in English, Maths, Science and Technology, with a particular emphasis on primary level, please select Education-5 to 19 Year Old on the application form. This is a joint project with the Mercers' Charitable Foundation.


farmington logo.gifWe're also seeking Aspiring Head Teachers at secondary level, who wish to undertake research on educational methods and best practice, as well as improving their leadership skills, prior to headship. For these Fellowships, please select Education-Aspiring Head Teachers on the application form. This is a joint project with the Farmington Trust and successful applicants will become part of the Farmington network of Fellows. Some costs of replacement staff may be covered.

finzi logo small.jpg

We will be awarding a small number of Fellowships for projects looking at Music Education. These will be assessed as part of our partnership with The Finzi Trust. If this is your field, please select Education-Music on the application form. The Finzi Trust helps musicians and students of music to broaden their horizons and take new paths.

Check your eligibility below and apply online by 5pm on 23rd September, to travel in 2015.

Use the links to the right to read previous Fellows' reports and blogs and read more on our Fellows' Reports page.

Check list

1 Who can apply?

Make sure that you are eligible to make an application.

2 Timetable

All application interviews are held in January & February in London. Confirmed dates will be posted on the Timetable page. 

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Previous Fellowships

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Analysing the impacts of the 'Productive Pedagogies' strategy in Queensland & Norway