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Would you like to travel overseas and visit examples of best practice, innovation and inspiration in your field? Would you then be able to disseminate your new-found knowledge for the benefit of your organisation or community? See below for our current categories.

If the answer is 'yes' then ensure you're eligible, see the benefits and apply online until 5pm on Tuesday 23rd September 2014.            

The Arts & Older People

Those in health services, local authorities, care homes and arts or cultural organisations who are providing community activities and opportunities for older people, covering creativity and person-centred care in all aspects of music, dance, drama and fine arts. We are also very interested in projects that are aimed at the training of care staff. 

Crafts and Makers

For anyone who practises or supports those working in Crafts. 




Designers working in the applied arts in architecture, interiors, product and graphic design.        

Early Years Prevention & Intervention

Those involved in policy and programmes, especially via primary prevention, which help give children aged 0-3 the social and emotional bedrock they need to reach their full potential. We are particularly interested in those working with charities on practical programmes in this area.


Applications will be welcomed from:

  • Those working to improve the achievement of students aged 5-19, with particular emphasis on English, Maths, Science and Technology.

  • Aspiring Head Teachers

  • Music Educators

Environment & Sustainable Living

Those involved in the environment, conservation and biodiversity, the countryside and food production, including projects looking at adaptation and environmental resilience to climate change and market approaches to environmental issues eg biodiversity offsetting. 

Medicine, Health & Patient Care

Applications welcome from all across this wide field. As well as general medicine projects, we are looking for applications from those involved with nursing and social care to improve care and respect for the dignity of the patient. These can include palliative care, leadership and team working projects to improve patient care, and covers hospitals, care homes, across general practice and at home.         

Prison & Penal Reform

Those involved in prison and penal reform and related sentencing issues, who are interested in projects that reduce reoffending and contribute to a just, humane and effective penal system. 

Science, Technology & Innovation

Applications welcome from right across this wide and important field including those looking at the communication of science and technology, the fusion of the arts and science and efforts to encourage interest and participation in science by the public, including the use of internet dialogues.

Young People (18-25)

This category is for anyone aged 18-25 with a passion for Enterprise, Leadership and Community Action. If you're in this age bracket but your project fits better into another category, please apply under that category.  


Anyone with a worthwhile project not covered by other categories, should apply within the Open Category. This includes expedition leaders, canoeists and kayakers.

For our 50th Anniversary year we are also interested in projects with a Churchill Connection; from journalism to politics and from painting to exploration (expedition leaders only), particularly those who wish to follow in his footstep to countries such as South Africa, Uganda, Cuba and the Subcontinent.

Application dates


To travel in 2015, check your eligibility, look at the application guidelines below, and Apply Online before 5pm on Tuesday 23rd September 2014.


Application Guidelines Apply Online