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Science, Technology & Innovation

Would you like to travel overseas to research new ideas and best practice from across this wide field?

In particular, do you work in the communication of science and technology? Are you interested in new ways to encourage interest and participation in science by the public, including via internet dialogues?

Are you interested in the fusion of the arts and science? 

If you have answered 'yes' to any of the above, could your potential findings bring real benefit and positive change to your community, the UK and yourself?

If the answer is still 'yes', check your eligibility below and apply online before 5pm on Tuesday 23rd September, to travel in 2015.

Use the links to the right to read previous Fellows' reports and blogs and find more on our Fellows' Reports page.  

Check list

1 Who can apply?

Make sure that you are eligible to make an application.

2 Timetable

All application interviews are held in January & February in London. Confirmed dates will be posted on the Timetable page. 

3 Apply Now

Previous Fellowships

Reports in PDF

Create a computer simulated virtual patient for training clinicians

Optimising a citizen science approach to national wildlife health surveillance

Industrial & Academic Knowledge Dissemination on the Growth & Exploitation of Low-Dimensional Carbon Nanomaterials

Human and engineering perspective of lunar landings  

The potential of urban waterways in post-industrial cities

Harnessing hydropower in Africa and Europe

Old dog, new tricks: a journey of personal rediscovery

Evaluating astronomy tourism in dark sky places  

Fingerprinting techniques for fabric

Canopy to Cures

Big Telescopes; Big Questions


Little Atoms Podcasts

Solar powered generation linked by wireless technology