2020 Fellows: Arts, crafts and design for the built environment

Nine of this year's Churchill Fellows will travel to 14 countries to explore innovative use of the arts for the built environment. Their mission is to bring back successful ideas and inspire change in their communities and professions across the UK.

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Here are the 2020 Churchill Fellows who will travel in this field:

Stonemason Alexis Zafiropoulos is exploring how craft landscaping techniques can improve communities and create positive social outcomes, in Japan. Alexis will use his findings to influence local planning policy in the UK.

Arts worker Vivienne Reiss is researching the use of art in therapeutic environments and hospitals, in Denmark and the USA. Vivienne will share her findings with her colleagues in the UK and will engage with policymakers to inspire initiatives within NHS Trusts.

Textile dyer Jennifer Oliver is investigating the sustainable benefits of plant-based dyes, in Canada, Finland, France and Portugal. Jennifer will share her findings with her networks in the UK.

Playground designer Lizzy Fleming is assessing the benefits to children of embedding play into the urban environment, in Denmark and Japan.  Lizzy will use her findings to influence architects and city councils in the UK. 

Architect Emma Tubbs is exploring how play can encourage community engagement in Brazil, Denmark, Germany, Sweden and the Netherlands. Emma will share her findings with her colleagues and pilot a community project in the UK.

Artist John Walter is exploring the role of architecture in palliative care, in Germany and Japan. John will use his findings to inform his plans to build a new hospice in the UK.

Artist Laura Page is researching how increased access to art can improve mental wellbeing and create opportunities for communities, in Colombia and Mexico. Laura will share her findings with her colleagues and communities in the UK. 

Designer Fiona Davies-Kerimol is exploring the importance of play in urban design, in Denmark, Germany, Sweden, the Netherlands and the USA. Fiona will use her findings in the UK to inform local practice in communities. 

Arts worker Lottie Barnes is investigating the role of art, culture and nature within healthcare, in Norway and the USA. Lottie will share her findings with her colleagues and use her research to inform a strategic plan for her hospital in the UK.

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