2020 Fellows: Education

Twenty of this year's Churchill Fellows will travel to 16 countries to explore ways of improving how children and young people learn in schools. Their mission is to bring back successful ideas and inspire change in their communities and professions across the UK.

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Here are the 2020 Churchill Fellows who will travel within this field:

Child and educational psychologist Jo Taylor is researching best practices to support young carers’ wellbeing, in Japan and the USA. Jo will use his findings to create a framework for empowering young carers in the UK.

Science teacher Simon Palmer is investigating ways to improve the teaching of maths in secondary school science, in Singapore and the USA. Simon will share his findings with colleagues to improve how physics teachers teach maths in the UK to make the subject more accessible. 

Headteacher Jane Pepa is assessing improved outcomes for children and adults with Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs), in the USA. Jane will use her findings to support her work with Liverpool City Council to develop the skills of staff working with those with ACEs.

Development editor Samantha Bennett is researching how robots in schools can help children with medical needs to participate in lessons remotely, in Belgium, Norway, the Netherlands and the USA. Samantha will share her findings with schools and policy makers in the UK to inform guidelines and training resources for schools.

Teacher Hannah Steele is investigating ways to deliver effective teacher training in primary relationships and sex education, in Estonia, the Netherlands and the USA. Hannah will use her findings to influence teaching training programmes to reflect the changes in relationships and sex education coming into practice in schools in the UK this year.

Senior lecturer Bev Peartree is exploring how teacher education can improve mental health in schools, in Finland. Bev will share her findings with her colleagues at Leeds Trinity University to help influence change in their teaching training. 

Relationship educator Helen Victoria is researching ways to prevent abusive relationships through secondary education programmes, in New Zealand and the USA. Helen will share her findings through delivering workshops in schools and colleges in the UK. 

Speech and language therapist Anna Sowerbutts is assessing ways of supporting children with Developmental Language Disorder (DLD), in Australia. Anna will share her findings with teachers and policy makers in the UK to develop models of linking education with speech and language therapy.

Youth worker Hannah Brownhill is investigating school approaches to mental wellbeing, in Australia. Hannah will share her learnings in the UK to inform school policies on mental health and wellbeing for both staff and pupils.

Assistant Professor Nicola Beer is exploring the benefits of virtual mobility in opening up opportunities for international collaboration, in Denmark, Japan and Sweden. Nicola will use her findings to start a pilot project in the UK that helps members of the public to connect with communities across the world.

Teacher Kate Elizabeth Reed is exploring deaf education for children, in Australia and New Zealand. Kate will use her findings to influence policy in the UK that will improve outcomes for deaf children, young people and their families.

Charity founder Deborah Ball is assessing how STEM is taught in schools, in Belgium and Switzerland. Deborah will share her findings with her colleagues in the UK and will use her research to pilot new workshops.

Charity CEO Gina Cicerone is researching ways to make the education system more accessible for children from low-income backgrounds, in Australia and the USA. Gina will use her findings to inform a new strategy for her organisation in the UK.

Charity worker Ashley Ryan is researching support opportunities for young people with learning disabilities, in the Netherlands and the USA. Ashley wants to use her findings to influence government policy on inclusive education in the UK.

Learning development tutor Timothy Crawford is researching ways to raise the aspirations of disadvantaged young people, in Canada and New Zealand. Timothy will use his findings to develop policy and practice in the UK that empowers individuals to pursue a higher education. 

Apprenticeships worker Lucy Springett is seeking ways to encourage schools, teachers and parents to engage with apprenticeships, in Australia, Austria and Germany. Lucy will share her findings with her colleagues to help identify ways to influence change in the UK system.

Financial Lawyer Qalid Mohamed is exploring ways to improve financial education in schools, in the USA. Qalid will use his findings to develop a pilot in the UK for a financial literacy curriculum for disadvantaged school pupils. 

Lecturer Paul Campbell is assessing new and innovative teaching methods to support vulnerable students, in the USA. Paul will use his findings in the UK to improve his own teaching and to develop a training programme for staff. 

Lecturer Sarah Junaid is exploring educational programmes that embed ethics within the curriculum, in Canada and Japan. Sarah will use her findings to develop a teaching framework in the UK which she will pilot at her place of work.

Child Psychotherapist Jane Brinson is exploring models for clinical supervision for teachers with safeguarding responsibilities, in Australia and New Zealand. Jane will use her findings to create a framework for schools and supervisors in the UK. 

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