2020 Fellows: Emergency response

Ten of this year's Churchill Fellows will travel to seven countries to explore innovations in the management of public emergencies of all kinds. Their mission is to bring back successful ideas and inspire change in their communities and professions across the UK.

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Here are the 2020 Churchill Fellows who will travel in this field:

Police sergeant Laura Gibson is researching ways to improve police officer wellbeing, in the Netherlands and the USA. Laura will use her findings to deliver a training programme to her colleagues in the UK, which she hopes will also act as a framework for other public sectors.

Former deaf advisor Herbert Klein is exploring how emergency services can be improved for deaf people, in the USA. Herbert will use his findings to set up a pilot training programme in the UK and will use his research to influence policy makers.

Paramedic lecturer Ashley Hanson is researching work-readiness schemes for graduating paramedics, in Australia. Ashley will use her findings to trial a pilot in her UK university, which she plans to roll out across other educational institutions. 

Lucy Chapman is assessing best practices in early intervention for victims of domestic abuse, in Australia. Lucy will use her findings to develop an effective model that can be used across the UK to reduce domestic abuse.

Council contingency planner Chad Simpson is investigating the impact of power failures in communities, in the USA. Chad will use his findings to inform the creation of a framework for his council in London, which will be implemented locally in the UK. 

Former police officer Dave Grimstead is researching approaches to missing people investigations, in Canada and the USA. Dave will use his findings to develop existing and deliver new pilot projects across the UK. 

Charity worker Susan Dolton is exploring best practice in grant-making in response to disasters, in New Zealand. Susan will share her findings with voluntary organisations in the UK and will use her research to influence policy making. 

Social entrepreneur Ebun Sanusi is investigating strategies for prevention of domestic violence, in Canada and the USA. Ebun will share her findings with charities and other relevant UK organisations and use her research to influence policy makers. 

NHS worker Ashish Vithaldas is researching the role of paramedics in emergency services and ways to better support them, in Australia. Ashish will share his findings with his colleagues and use his research to influence policy makers.  

One Fellow has asked for their details not to be publicised for personal reasons.

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