2020 Fellows: Enterprise for social impact

Ten of this year's Churchill Fellows will travel to 18 countries to explore innovations in the use of entperise for social good. Their mission is to bring back successful ideas and inspire change in their communities and professions across the UK.

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Here are the 2020 Churchill Fellows who will travel in this field:

Architect Emily Carr is assessing initiatives that promote and improve diversity in the construction industry, in Sweden. Emily will use her findings to create a framework to share with organisations across the construction sector in the UK.

Charity CEO Jeane Lowe is exploring how recycling and upcycling initiatives can offer increased employment opportunities, in Gambia and South Africa. Jeane will share her findings in the UK with colleagues and will use her research to set up a local pilot project.

Social enterprise director Daisy Jacobs is investigating ways of supporting asylum seekers who are awaiting refugee status, in Germany, Jordan and Turkey. Daisy will implement her findings within her own work in the UK and will provide recommendations to social enterprise and humanitarian sectors.

Volunteer Dennis Kinghorn is exploring the benefits of gaming in supporting individuals with autism, in Japan and the USA. Dennis will share his findings in the UK with peer-led groups, disability service providers and public sector services.

Company director Gerry Ford is researching the effectiveness of social enterprises in reducing the reoffending rate of young people in custody, in Japan, Norway, Singapore and South Korea. Gerry will use his findings to inform future social enterprise provision in prisons in the UK.

Enterprise leader Ed Whitelaw is investigating the role of social enterprise in building community power, civic participation and democratic reform, in Denmark, Spain and the USA. Ed will use his learnings to develop local and national policy change in the UK.

Entrepreneur Claire Walker is exploring ways of improving accessibility for tourists with disabilities, in Australia, Germany, New Zealand and Spain. Claire will use her findings in the UK to influence local councils to expand and improve existing provision for those with disabilities.

Charity worker Andrew Bailie is researching how markets can form part of a city's social infrastructure, in Mexico and the USA. Andrew will use his findings to implement a pilot project through his organisation in the UK. 

Liz Laurence is assessing how co-ownership relationships can support a more accessible property ladder, in Germany, the Netherlands and the USA. Liz will use her findings to influence UK policy. 

Charity worker Vicky Major is exploring the shift towards a cashless economy and the impact this has on people living in poverty, in Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden. Vicky will share her findings with her colleagues and use her research to inform UK policy. 

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