2020 Fellows: Healthcare for the 21st century

Nine of this year's Churchill Fellows will travel to 10 countries to explore innovations in healthcare. Their mission is to bring back successful ideas and inspire change in their communities and professions across the UK. 

Here are the 2020 Churchill Fellows who will travel in this field:

Health staff mentor Aggie Rice is exploring ways to improve the wellbeing of staff in healthcare organisations, in Denmark, Sweden and the USA. Aggie will use her findings to develop a toolkit which she will pilot through her organisation in the UK. 

Junior doctor Daniel Kent is investigating ways to manage complexity and uncertainty in healthcare systems through the medical curriculum, in the USA. Daniel will use his findings in the UK to create a pilot project which will be integrated within the curriculum at the university where he works.

Research psychologist Gabriel Davies is assessing preventative treatment programmes for those at risk of sexually abusing children, in Germany and India. Gabriel will share her findings with health service providers and policy makers in the UK.

GP Tsong Kwong is researching the effectiveness of using artificial intelligence in medicine, in China. Tsong will use his findings to inform the development of the UK's medical AI policy and governance frameworks.

Children’s charity worker Patrick Branigan is exploring public health approaches to tackling child sexual abuse, in the Netherlands and the USA. Patrick will use his findings in the UK to inform policy and public health framework. 

Dietician Sally Abbott is investigating models for managing obesity, in Canada. Sally will share her findings with her colleagues in the NHS and use her research to influence reform in UK primary care practice.

Journalist Karin Goodwin is investigating how storytelling can tackle drug-related deaths, in Canada, Russia and the USA. Karin will share her findings with media outlets in the UK and use her research to set up a grassroots media group in the UK. 

Nurse Harriet Noble is researching the use of nature and outdoor space in caring for critically ill patients, in Australia and Sweden. Harriet will share findings with her colleagues in the UK and use her research to deliver a pilot programme. 

One Fellow has asked for their details not to be publicised for personal reasons. 

We will not be accepting applications for this award category next year.

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