2020 Fellows: Open category

Fifteen of this year's Churchill Fellows will travel to 20 countries to explore innovations in topics that are outside the range of our award categories. Their mission is to bring back successful ideas and inspire change in their communities and professions across the UK.

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Here are the 2020 Churchill Fellows who will travel in this field:

Civil Service strategist Beth Lambert is researching cross-sector approaches to tackling fake news, in Estonia, Finland, Germany and Singapore. Beth will share her learning with policy makers, charities and technology companies in the UK. 

Tech and policy director Ella Mae Lewis is exploring how younger democracies are using technology to engage citizens, in Malaysia, Sierra Leone and Tunisia. Ella will use her findings to influence policy change in the UK. 

Charity worker Fozia Irfan is assessing how diversity, equity and inclusion framework can address inequality in marginalised communities, in the USA. Fozia will share her findings with her current organisation and other charities across the UK.

Police improvement officer Emma Tilley is researching best practices for supporting bereaved families following police-related deaths, in Canada. Emma will use her findings in the UK to develop a toolkit for her colleagues and influence policy change.  

Prison governor David Savage is investigating alternative practices for managing prisoners detained in segregation units, in Ireland, Norway and the USA. David will use his findings to influence prison reform in his organisation, and across the UK.

Charity founder Zinthiya Ganeshpanchan is exploring strategies to prevent violence against women and girls, in Nepal and Sri Lanka. Zinthiya will use her findings to develop a tool kit which she will share with UK organisations. 

Youth officer Roisin Briody is researching best practices in reducing reoffending rates among young adults, in Germany, the Netherlands and the USA. Roisin will use her findings to inform a pilot project in her organisation and influence UK policy. 

Youth worker Ebinehita Iyere is assessing the effects of youth violence and how this is creating negative experiences in education, justice and care systems, in the USA. Ebinehita will use her findings to influence the work of her organisation.  

Journalist Rhiannon Davies is exploring new models of journalism to encourage local reporting, in Canada and the USA. Rhiannon will share her findings with media outlets across the UK. 

Community worker Kerry Cressey is investigating ways to connect refugees with their neighbours in disadvantaged communities, in the Netherlands and the USA. Kerry will use her findings in the UK to implement new models of working in her organisation. 

Charity worker Martha Jephcott is researching best practices in tackling gender-based violence in universities, in Australia and the USA. Martha will use her findings to inform policy formation in UK universities. 

Charity worker Elsa Corry-Roake is exploring models that prevent disadvantaged young people from entering the criminal justice system, in the USA. Ella will share her findings with her organisation and use her research to develop best practice in the UK.

Adara Wicaksono is assessing approaches to intergenerational living in tackling social issues such as loneliness, in Germany, Japan and Sweden. Adara will use her findings to influence local and regional policies in the UK.

Social worker Millie Shuter is investigating approaches to safeguarding children and families in communities affected by gang violence, in Colombia. Millie will use her findings in the UK to develop a proposal for a pilot project in her local community. 

Social enterprise CEO Jacob Hill is researching ways to reintegrate former prisoners into communities as a way of reducing reoffending rates, in Brazil, Fiji and Singapore. Jacob will use his findings to support the work of his organisation in the UK.

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Everyone can apply, regardless of age, qualifications or background, as long as they are a UK resident citizen aged 18 or over. We are pausing applications for 2021 Fellowships. Find out more here.