2020 Fellows: Palliative and end of life care

Eleven of this year's Churchill Fellows will travel to eight countries to ways of improving palliative and end of life care. Their mission is to bring back successful ideas and inspire change in their communities and professions across the UK.

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Here are the 2020 Churchill Fellows who will travel in this field:

Senior lecturer Dan Butcher is investigating ways to improve support for individuals living with heart failure, in Canada and Sweden. Dan will share his findings with his colleagues and charitable organisations in the UK.

GP Sarah Mitchell is researching new ways to improve palliative care in the primary health sector, in Canada. Sarah will share her findings with clinical colleagues and policy makers in the UK, and hopes to publish her work in the British Journal of General Practice. 

Doctor Aamena Bharmal is exploring community models of end-of-life care for homeless people, in Canada. Aamena will share her findings in the UK with key stakeholders and policy makers at NHS-England and charities, such as the Faculty of Homeless and Inclusion Health.

Doctor Catriona Mayland is discovering the challenges to palliative care for individuals affected by head and neck cancer, in India and the Netherlands. Catriona will use her findings to inform clinical guidelines in the UK. 

Clinician Scientist Katherine Sleeman is investigating ways to improve palliative care through public and policy engagement, in the USA. Katherine will use her findings to engage with policy makers in the UK and inform her own research programme. 

Care Home Manager Alison Redhead is exploring different provisions of social care, in New Zealand. Alison will share her learnings with other care home managers in the UK and organisations such as Skills for Care. 

Senior Lecturer Amara Nwosu is researching how digital health technology can improve palliative care, in the Netherlands and the USA. Amara will use his findings to inform a report in partnership with Marie Curie which will provide a framework for healthcare providers in the UK. 

Doctor Charlotte Chamberlain is investigating the barriers to palliative care for patients undergoing surgery, in Australia and the UK. Charlotte will use her findings to influence UK guidelines and will share her research with the UK National Cancer Research Institute.

Research associate Steve Marshall is exploring ways to support children with a dying parent, in Norway and Sweden. Steve will use his findings to inform recommendations for healthcare services in the UK and to influence practitioners and policymakers. 

Professor Helena Dunbar is assessing approaches to paediatric palliative care, in Canada. Helena will share her findings with the paediatric palliative care network in the East Midlands and use her research to develop a pilot model of care locally.

Senior researcher Clare Gardiner is investigating ways of supporting end of life carers who are also in employment, in Canada. Clare will use her findings in the UK to influence policy makers and inform voluntary employer charters.

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