2020 Fellows: Physical activity: making moves for healthy lives

Ten of this year's Churchill Fellows will travel to 16 countries to explore innovations in physical activity for healthy lives. Their mission is to bring back successful ideas and inspire change in their communities and professions across the UK.

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Here are the 2020 Churchill Fellows who will travel in this field:

Charity worker Frances Bain is researching ways to improve engagement in community based physical activities, in Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden. Frances will share her findings with health and social care professionals in the UK. 

Dancer Emily Jenkins is investigating how dance can be used to support cancer patients, in Denmark, Germany, Italy, Switzerland and the USA. Emily will use her findings to inform a new training programme in the UK for professionals working in the dance and health sectors.

Charity worker Sarah Haden-Godwin is exploring whole-community approaches to physical activity in Australia. Sarah will use her findings to inform local pilot projects which she hopes to share more widely across the UK. 

Entrepreneur Ben Wilkins is assessing how games can create behaviour change in physical activity among older adults, in Australia and Japan. Ben will use his findings to create a framework for UK charities.

Clinical practitioner Karelle Evans is researching how dance can promote happier and healthier working environments amongst health workers, in the USA. Karelle will share her findings with NHS Trusts across the UK. 

Health and wellbeing officer Beth Brown is investigating the importance of engaging cancer patients in physical activity, in Canada and the USA. Beth will use her findings in the UK to influence improvements locally and nationally.

Psychiatric nurse Matt Waugh is exploring methods of implementing exercise as a treatment option in mental healthcare, in Australia. Matt will share his findings with NHS Trusts and health commissioners across the UK. 

University student Cai Burr is researching ways to make exercise more accessible for individuals on a low income, in Canada and the USA. Cai will use his findings to develop recommendations for sporting organisations across the UK.

Physical activity worker Matt Roebuck is assessing ways to make how sport more readily accessible for urban communities, in Denmark, Jordan and Singapore. Matt will use his findings to influence UK policy change. 

Doctor Daniel Grant is exploring best practices for engaging urban and deprived communities in handball sports, in Argentina, Mexico, the USA and Uruguay. Daniel will use his findings in the UK to implement a pilot project. 

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