2020 Fellows: Rural living: strengthening countryside communities

Fourteen of this year's Churchill Fellows will travel to 18 countries to explore ways to strengthen rural communities. Their mission is to bring back successful ideas and inspire change in their communities and professions across the UK.

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Here are the 2020 Churchill Fellows who will travel in this field:

Charity worker Iona Lawrence is investigating the benefits of intergenerational relationships in tackling loneliness in rural communities, in Uganda and the USA. Iona will share her findings with UK organisations across the public and charity sectors.

Former finance director Sara Dauncey is exploring employment opportunities in remote coastal regions through seaweed farming, in the Faroe Islands, France and Spain. Sara will use her findings to develop a pilot project in the UK.

Charity worker Sepideh Mojabi is researching ways to improve refugee resettlement in rural communities, in Canada. Sepideh will share her findings with her colleagues and use her research to influence change in UK government policy.

Care farm director Joy O'Neill is assessing the benefits of care farming in rural communities, in Ireland, Italy and Norway. Joy will use her findings to recommended best practices to organisations in the UK. 

Council worker Richard Farmer is investigating ways of improving education opportunities in rural communities, in Finland, Norway and Sweden. Richard will use his findings to influence UK policy change.

Charity worker Myra Clark is researching mental health support for young carers, in Italy, Switzerland, the Netherlands and the USA. Myra will use her findings to develop local programmes in the UK. 

Marine advisor Karen Hall is assessing ways to enable remote communities to develop and manage marine protected areas, in Canada, Fiji and the USA. Karen will share use her findings to pilot a new project in the UK.

Former army officer Fiona Galbraith is investigating methods of supporting ex-military veterans seek land-based careers, in Australia, Canada, New Zealand and the USA. Fiona will use her learnings to establish a new initiative that addresses this in the UK.

Charity worker Cameron Anson is exploring methods of creating affordable housing to support island communities, in the USA. Cameron will share his findings with UK local authorities and policymakers.

Policymaker Annie Maciver is researching ways to support rural communities in adapting to changes in the job market caused by automation and digitisation, in New Zealand and Sweden. Annie will share her findings with her colleagues to influence UK policy change. 

Rural business owner Barry Wallace is assessing sustainable business models for off-grid accommodation in rural communities, in Australia. Barry will use his findings to develop a local pilot model in the UK. 

Landworkers mentor Steph Wetherell is exploring ways of supporting new sustainable farmers, in Canada and the USA. Steph will use her findings to pilot a new mentoring programme through the organisation she works for in the UK.

Design researcher Helena Jordan is investigating how flexible manufacturing systems can improve rural communities, in Denmark, Germany and the Netherlands. Helena will use her findings to influence local governments in the UK.

One Fellow has asked for their details not to be publicised  for personal reasons. 

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