2020 Fellows: Science, technology and engineering

Thirteen of this year's Churchill Fellows will travel to 18 countries to explore innovations in science, technology and engineering. Their mission is to bring back successful ideas and inspire change in their communities and professions across the UK.

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Here are the 2020 Churchill Fellows who will travel in this field:

Museum curator Henry McGhie is researching how museums can support climate and nature conservation, in China, France, Germany and Japan. Henry will use his findings to contribute to a framework he is creating for museums in the UK.

School leader Martin Costello is investigating how micro-organisms can aid environmental and climate recovery, in Brunei, Japan, Malaysia, Philippines, Switzerland, Thailand, the Netherlands and Ukraine. Martin will use his findings in the UK to build an awareness programme for organisations in the UK.

Forensics researcher Lisa Robertson is exploring the use of fingerprints for identification during post-mortem investigations, in Canada and the USA. Lisa will use her findings to deliver lectures at her university, Huddersfield, and others across the UK. 

Medical research student Madeleine Iafrate is exploring environmentally sustainable laboratory practices, in the USA. Madeline will share her findings with scientists and policymakers in the UK. 

Architect Lesley Palmer is assessing how urban dwellings can support healthy cognitive ageing, in Japan. Lesley will share her findings with her colleagues in the UK and will use her research to influence national and local government policy makers.

Researcher Tay Aziz is researching ways to diversify the environmental movement, in Canada and the USA. Tay will use her findings to develop community based initiatives that put minority communities at the heart of the debate.

Council digital officer Shade Nathaniel-Ayodele is exploring digital inclusion programmes, in Finland, Singapore, Switzerland and the Netherlands. Shade will use her findings to develop a toolkit to share with UK charities and local authorities. 

Strategist Suzanne Alleyne is researching how neuroscience shapes behaviour and decisions made by people in power, in Canada, China and the USA. Suzanne will share her findings with her colleagues and use her research to influencer UK policy makers. 

Scientist Peter Gallivan is investigating initiatives that foster science centres as inclusive community hubs, in the USA. Peter will use his findings to inform a toolkit for organisations in the UK. 

Forensics Lecturer Kelly Sheridan is researching effective uses of textile fibre databases in forensic science, in Australia, Belgium, Singapore and Sweden. Kelly will use her findings to develop a toolkit to share with UK organisations. 

Engineer Sally Purdie is exploring the power of storytelling and creativity within the engineering industry, in Australia, Canada and the USA. Sally will share her findings with educational institutions in the UK. 

Researcher Rhiannon Adams is assessing facial recognition technology and how the public engages with it, in Canada, China, Japan and the USA. Rhiannon will use her findings to organise a pilot research project in the UK.

One Fellow has asked for their details not to be publicised for personal reasons. 

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