Blog: The Fellowship interviews in numbers

Published: 15 Feb 2019

Author: Nikesh Patel
Blog: The Fellowship interviews in numbers

January is one of the busiest months of the year for the Winston Churchill Memorial Trust – and one of the most exciting. This year was no exception. Having whittled down a record 1,798 applications for Churchill Fellowships to a shortlist of just 250, our expert panellists joined us in our Westminster offices to undertake the difficult task of choosing this year’s 150 Fellows.

Over 14 days they interviewed 250 potential Fellows across our 13 award categories. Many of the candidates were nervous and our team took great care to escort them from the foyer of our building  and have a brief word to settle their nerves before the interview.

During the interview period, some 253 cups of tea and coffee were brewed for panellists and 64 lunches prepared for them. I traversed 5,720 steps, collecting interviewees from the foyer downstairs and welcoming them to the Trust. On some days we ran two sets of interviews, with over 30 applicants being interviewed in two different rooms at once and two sets of panellists to be looked after.

My role also involved updating our interview timetable daily to accommodate applicants affected by train delays and wintry weather conditions, ensuring that all candidates could be seen during the day. I also had to lay out for panellists all the right paperwork – applications and scoresheets for their particular sessions.

Our team’s working schedule was busy but worthwhile - to see the enthusiasm of the candidates as they talked about their subjects, their passion for making a change to our society, and their hope for securing this life-changing Fellowship.

The new Fellows will be announced on 7 March 2019.

Applications for next year’s Fellowships open on 16 May 2019. To receive an alert, please register your interest.

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