Blog: Why you should apply for a Churchill Fellowship now

Published: 15 May 2019

Author: Julia Weston
Blog: Why you should apply for a Churchill Fellowship now

I’m thrilled to announce that today we open our doors to every adult UK citizen for the next round of Churchill Fellowships.


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These are truly life-changing grants enabling you to travel the globe researching a cause that’s close to your heart, meeting the foremost practitioners and seeing the best projects, anywhere in the world. 

These aren’t grants for academic subjects, they are for real-world research into the issues, challenges and opportunities that are encountered every day in every sphere of British life. We award firefighters, nurses, farmers, teachers, architects, entrepreneurs and many others - all to explore a subject of their own choosing and improve the way it’s done in their profession or community.

"These are truly life-changing grants."

What we’re looking for is potential. You don’t need to have academic qualifications and you don’t need a track record of past successes. You may not have a high profile in your sector or big professional networks, or you might. It’s a level playing field. You can choose the topic and the destinations, we will provide the funding.

What a Fellowship gives you is a chance to develop your knowledge and your career, some time out to recharge and reflect, and a real opportunity to make a difference in a field you care passionately about.

All that we ask is that you then come home and put what you’ve learnt into practice, armed with the knowledge from your visits and the special status that being a Churchill Fellow will give you.

Over the years, we have seen so many Fellows go on to shine in a way that they hadn’t been able to before. Their Fellowship gave them the insight and the confidence to do really impressive things.

Here’s the kind of impact our Fellows make: policeman Mark Walsh creating youth-led courts in Hampshire to keep young people on the straight and narrow, retiree Ann Pascoe building support networks and dementia-friendly communities in the Highlands for people with dementia and their carers, or teacher James Perkins creating science education projects that have won national recognition... The people and the projects are inspiring. And you could be among them.

We fund projects across eight universal themes that cover every aspect of society. This means that whatever you’re interested in, there’s a chance for you here.

This is a fantastic opportunity and I urge everyone reading this to think about applying. It’s easy to do online at We’re open until 5pm on 17 September, for travels in 2020 – we’re looking forward to hearing from you.

Julia Weston is Chief Executive of the Winston Churchill Memorial Trust.

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