Covid-19 Action Hub

Building recovery and resilience across the UK

The Churchill Fellowship is a national network of 3,800 dedicated experts in every sector of society, from the grassroots to the Cabinet Office. It offers an invaluable resource for the nation.

Churchill Fellows are taking action against Covid-19 in a multitude of crucial areas – from frontline healthcare to food supply, remote working to domestic abuse, rural isolation and more.

We are supporting their vital work with a Covid-19 Action Plan offering grants, collaboration, knowledge sharing and lessons learnt for the future.

This Plan will assist the UK’s current recovery and future resilience. This year we have invested £250,000 in a Covid-19 Action Fund for Fellows and raised a further £150,000 from supporters, other trusts and foundations and Fellows themselves. Next year we will be adding much more.

You can read about the first £155,000 of grants for Fellows' vital projects here. The next round of grants will open for application from Fellows in early 2021. 

The Fellowship was created by public subscription in 1965 as the living legacy of Sir Winston Churchill, a great leader during a great crisis. This is our response to today’s national need.

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