News: Churchill Fellow’s work recognised by International Road Federation award

Published: 20 Dec 2018

News: Churchill Fellow’s work recognised by International Road Federation award

The work of an international collaboration involving Churchill Fellow Ron Munro has been recognised by an International Road Federation award. Roadscanners, the main consultant for the ROADEX collaboration, was presented with the Global Road Achievement Award at a ceremony in Las Vegas earlier this month.

ROADEX came about as a direct result of Ron’s Churchill Fellowship in 1990. He helped establish it in 1998 with people and organisations he met during his travels, as a response to an initiative by the European Union to encourage the sharing of information between Member States. ROADEX enables organisations in Norway, Finland, Sweden and Scotland to share information on the maintenance of low-volume rural roads, an issue of vital importance for rural communities and industries in Scotland.

Ron said: “My Fellowship has been instrumental in everything I have done since 1990. Without it, my professional life would not now be as it is. Because of the people I met on my Fellowship, I have had the opportunity to be at the forefront of engineering advances, and I continue to develop professionally every day. Transnational co-operation can work, and ROADEX is living testimony to it.”

Ron has been involved with ROADEX ever since its inception, contributing variously as a researcher, a member of the Steering Committee and as Chairman. Ron is currently a self-employed consultant, acting as the UK agent for Roadscanners. He still regularly attends ROADEX meetings.

The International Road Federation award was given to Roadscanners for its development of ROADEX technologies to detect the weakest links on roads and diagnose the underlying causes, enabling these to be fixed before serious damage appears. These technologies have resulted in annual repaving costs in Lapland and Central Finland falling by up to 36%.

In recent years, ROADEX has also enabled new technology to be used to help maintain Scotland’s roads. A 3D ground penetrating radar survey was used on roads in west Scotland in 2013 and 2016, the first instances of this technology being used in Scotland. This technology enables the overall strength of road layers to be assessed, an issue of critical importance in areas with a history of landslides.

Top picture: Ron (far left) and other members of the ROADEX team with their award

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