News: Fellows' Fortnight 9-24 June

Published: 23 May 2018

News: Fellows' Fortnight 9-24 June

Calling all Churchill Fellows!

Do you know someone who would make a great Churchill Fellow? Could your experience of a Churchill Fellowship inspire others to apply?

Applications for travel in 2019 are now open. We want your help to encourage people from all walks of life to apply.

This year, Fellows' Fortnight will take place between 9 and 24 June. During these two weeks, we are making a special request to Churchill Fellows to help us spread the word about the life-changing opportunity that is a Churchill Fellowship.

Fellowships are open to all UK citizens aged 18 or over, so you can take the message to all sorts of audiences, from school-leavers and students to community centres and groups, professional networks, local media, professional journals or the world of social media.

Below are some ways you can get involved. And on the Fellowship Documents page there are standard tweets and messages, flyers and a logo that you can use to spread the word.

1. Join our Thunderclap

A Thunderclap is a single message shared simultaneously across many social networks. Everyone who signs up in advance for our Thunderclap will have our special message posted on their network, automatically, once during the Fortnight. Last year this reached a combined total of 125,000 people. The message will go out at 10am on Tuesday 12 June.

Join our Thunderclap

2. Email three people

You could email at least three friends, colleagues or organisations to tell them that applications are now open. Standard wording is here. Don't forget to suggest that they might forward it to three of their contacts.

3. Distribute flyers

Email us to request our A5 paper flyers, which can be handed out or posted up. Just tell how many you would like (20/50/100/200/more) and the address to post them to.

Or download an electronic flyer, which can sent out in emails, embedded in social media or inserted in newsletters and publications.

A5 Flyer

4. Organise an activity

Organising an event or other activity is a great way of using your personal experience to inspire others to apply. We can support you with flyers and a Fellows’ Fortnight logo for publicity. Here are some things you could do:

  • Give a talk about your Fellowship in your local community or interest group,
  • Speak at a professional event about the research possibilities of a Fellowship,
  • Give a presentation at your workplace,
  • Ask your workplace to circulate our email flyers,
  • Get together with other Fellows and make a mobile display for local centres such as libraries or colleges,
  • Distribute bundles of flyers (with permission) to local surgeries, drop-in centres, schools, bookshops, county shows, public or professional events, conferences, etc,
  • Put up flyers on noticeboards where they will get noticed – maybe the local library or bookshop, your workplace, adult education centres,
  • Write an article for your local paper, speak to your local radio station,
  • Hand out flyers in a relevant public place

Let us know about the activity you are planning, then we’ll add it to our list of Fellows’ Fortnight events and publicise it too. Afterwards, don’t forget to let us know how it went and send us lots of photos.

5. Talk about us on social media

We're encouraging Fellows to use social media to tell people why they should apply for a Churchill Fellowship. You could talk about the impact of your Fellowship or highlight one of our award categories. Make sure you tag @wcmtuk so we can share your post.