What we do

Each year more than 100 Fellowships are awarded for a wide range of projects. The Fellowships provide a unique opportunity for UK citizens to travel overseas to bring back fresh ideas and new solutions to today’s issues, for the benefit of others in the UK. This allows them to maximise what they can achieve in their lifetime, both as leaders and role models to inspire others, but also in personal development terms. These opportunities are offered to people of any age, gender, ethnicity or religion, with or without educational qualifications, and in any occupation or none.

We also fund up to 10 undergraduate bursaries at Churchill College Cambridge, as well as an Archive By-Fellowship at the Churchill Archives Centre, each year.

Our Fellows

Churchill Fellows have strong projects and a passion to make a difference to others. In particular we support those who would not normally be able to take time away from work to research their ideas, or who would find it difficult to access funding through other channels. Many applicants work in the public services such as nursing, teaching, social work and probation, or in the community and voluntary sectors, where this kind of opportunity is rare. We also fund individuals to preserve particular crafts and skills.

Those Fellows who are selected are highly motivated individuals, who return with a focus and vision to improve their profession and community.

What can a Churchill Fellowship achieve?

The award of a Fellowship has a profound impact on individuals who return with a greater belief in their own abilities, as well as benefiting others through the new ideas brought back to the UK. Often a Fellowship serves as a catalyst that unlocks an individual's potential. It can accelerate their career, developing them as a leader in their field of expertise or as a role model, and continues to be a motivating influence long after they have returned from their travels. 

Annual report

Here are our recent annual reports, downloadable as PDFs: 

You can also view our financial history at the Charity Commission. We are a registered charity (number 313952).

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WCMT Review BrochureOur Fellows' achievements and our partnerships are shown in this brochure.