Who we are

"Every year we watch with pride and excitement as the latest generation of Churchill Fellows set off on their journeys around the world, in search of new ideas on today’s key issues. For many these journeys will end in bold achievements for their communities and professions, and fresh directions for themselves. We salute their success." - Jeremy Soames, Chairman, WCMT

Churchill Fellowships are managed by the Winston Churchill Memorial Trust, a UK charity whose purpose is to provide educational opportunities overseas for UK citizens from all walks of life, that will benefit themselves and also their communities, professions and the nation as a whole. Since 1965 we have awarded 5,800 Fellowships. 

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The governing body of the charity is our Board of Trustees. (View Annual Report.)

Selection of Fellows is led by members of our Advisory Council, who chair the selection panels in each award category. Council members are leaders in their fields, and this ensures that decisions across a myriad of subject areas are made by interviewers with real knowledge of their field and its needs. 

Council also advise us on the development of new award categories, reflecting new developments and issues as they arise, and they help us to identify relevant partner organisations for each category.

The office staff is small, currently 11 people, allowing us to provide a much-appreciated level of hands-on support to every single Fellow as they embark on their life-changing journey.