What the Activate Fund will cover

Applications to the Activate Fund are now closed and will reopen in 2022.

Through the Activate Fund, we will award grants to Churchill Fellows of the past ten years, who are working towards activating or accelerating Fellowship projects that will transform the lives of people across the UK.

The first round of the Activate Fund supported seven Fellows' work, covering issues ranging from homelessness to rural carers. In its second year of grants, this pilot programme will offer awards from £5,000 to £30,000. These will go to Fellows and projects that have the greatest potential to provide a lasting public benefit, whether locally, regionally or nationally. Projects must be directly related to your Fellowship. We are particularly interested in applications from those who have struggled to access financial resources for their work.

Please note that this is a complementary fund to the Fellowship, aiming to support Fellows' post-travel activities. It will therefore not support further overseas travel. 

Types of projects we will fund include: 

  • To set up a social enterprise, charity, or other non-profit entity. 
  • Knowledge-sharing activities such as speaking engagements in influential spaces, publishing research, a book or policy papers/briefings for a clear target audience, contributing to major public consultations, creating a conference or an event. 
  • Piloting a project or prototyping a product.
  • Costs related to expanding a project, which may include consultancy fees.
  • Evaluation of a project.

What can I use this funding for?

  • Any costs directly related to the above activities.
  • As a stipend or to supplement income if you are proposing to reduce your working hours.  
  • To cover vital life costs, where it will give you time and capacity to pursue your endeavours. These costs could include a contribution to extra childcare costs, carer costs, etc.  
  • Support needs, such as legal costs, trademarking, website design, translation, the adaptation of resources for different audiences, equipment, etc. 
  • Consultancy fees (such as service design, evaluation specialists, equity, diversity, and inclusion experts, etc).

Please note, while we are happy to contribute to equipment, we are unlikely to support bids where equipment costs constitute more than 25% of your budget.  

 You can also use up to 20% of your budget flexibly as your needs might change once the work begins.  

What The Fund will not support

This is a complementary fund to the Fellowship, aiming to support Fellows' post-travel activities. It will therefore not support further overseas travel.

Like the Fellowship itself, there are some projects that we will not fund. These include:

  • Projects for which there is no demonstrable demand.
  • Promotion of a political party.
  • Proselytising on religious grounds.
  • Work that is not for public benefit.
  • An idea that will only benefit the applicant, not the wider UK society.
  • Academic studies, dissertations for undergraduate degrees, degree placements, medical electives, student grants, internships, etc.
  • Post-graduate studies.
  • Gap year activities, unless the application is for a stand-alone project.
  • Art projects that will result only in an exhibition and have no public benefit beyond raising the profile and expertise of the applicant.
  • Artist's residencies.
  • Research for fiction unless it has a wider public benefit.
  • Where the project is solely about enabling an individual to volunteer.
  • Organisational running costs.
  • University or large institutional overheads.
  • One-off activities, such as conferences, festivals, trips, a workshop, etc.
  • Moving your services online.
  • Supplying equipment.
  • Travel outside of the UK.

Who can apply

Applications for Activate grants in 2021 can be made online from 11 February until 5pm on 23 March 2021. Eligible Fellows will receive a personalised link to apply. If you believe you are eligible and have not received a link, you can contact Katie Baldock on [email protected].

Who can apply to the Activate Fund

How to apply to the Activate Fund