How to apply

Applications are accepted from May until September each year, for travel in the following year.

Your application must be based around a project of your own devising which:

  • Addresses an issue or challenge currently facing the UK.
  • Requires overseas travel in order to observe new or inspiring practice.
  • Provides public benefit to the UK.

Our Fellows come from all over the UK and from many different backgrounds and age groups. We do not require qualifications, but you should be passionate about what you do and keen to share your passion to inspire others. Find out more about who can apply.

The process

Each year we open for applications in May and announce the award winners in February. We have made this process as simple and open as possible.

  1. The first stage of our application process is an online application form. This is your opportunity to tell us about you and your project.
  2. If you are successful at this stage, we will ask you to complete a short-list form. Here you will be asked to provide more detail about your project, an outline budget and two references.
  3. You will then be invited to an interview, where you will be asked about your project by a panel of experts in your field. This will last around 20 minutes.
  4. The interview is the final stage of our application process. If you are successful, you will be told in February. Successful applicants are invited to a planning seminar at which you can get advice on organising your research trip, network with other Fellows and meet the WCMT team.

If you are unsuccessful, you are welcome to apply again another year: many Churchill Fellows were unsuccessful with their first application. Please bear in mind that we receive more applications than we can fund.

See the application process timeline

Project guidance

We fund a wide range of projects, the subjects of which are chosen by applicants themselves. We are particularly interested in new and innovative ideas. We invite applications across ten or more project categories, which are updated each year according to the challenges currently facing the UK. We also have an open category for projects that do not fit into any other category.

Two important criteria for Churchill Fellowships are that they could not be researched within the UK and therefore require overseas travel, and that they will provide public benefit, whether to a community, a sector, or the UK as a whole.

Our grants normally cover a stay overseas of four to eight weeks. Most Fellows visit more than one country, which we encourage, but we prefer continents to be limited to a maximum of two.

We encourage Fellows to complete their research trip in a single block of travel, as this will help you to maintain momentum and interest. However, it is possible to split your Fellowship into more than one block if necessary.

Please note that there are some types of project that we do not fund.

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