How to apply

We are open for applications from 27 April to 18 September 2018, for travel in 2019. Download flyer

Everyone can apply. We welcome applicants from all backgrounds, professions, ages and levels of experience. No qualifications are required. The only requirement is that you are a UK resident citizen aged 18 or over. Eligibility



You should apply using our online application form. This is very easy to complete. There is additional guidance on our FAQs page.

You can only submit one application for one project per year. If unsuccessful, you can apply again in a following year. You can only be awarded a Fellowship once. Timeline

The application process

We aim to make this as simple and open as possible:

  1. Application: the first stage is to complete our online application form. This is your chance to tell us about your project and yourself. Forms are available once applications open, and you can register below for an email alert.
  2. Shortlist: some candidates will be shortlisted and asked to complete a shortlist form. This requests more detail about the project, an outline budget and two references.
  3. Interview: all shortlisted candidates will be interviewed by a panel including experts in that field. This lasts around 20 minutes and focuses on their project and plans.
  4. Results: successful candidates will be informed in February and invited to a New Fellows' Seminar where they can meet the WCMT team and receive invaluable advice on how to set up their trip, network with other Fellows and plan their whole project.

If you are unsuccessful, you can apply again another year. Many Churchill Fellows were unsuccessful with their first application. But please bear in mind that we receive more applications than we can fund.



What we fund

We fund a very wide range of projects, on topics devised by the applicants themselves. These may fit into our specific award categories or our Open category. Categories

We are particularly interested in new and innovative ideas that address issues or challenges currently facing the UK. We welcome applications from individuals or for projects that would not easily find funding elsewhere.

Our grants normally cover a stay overseas of four to eight weeks. Most Fellows visit more than one country, which we encourage, but we prefer these to be in a maximum of two continents. How it works

Please note that there are some types of project that we do not fund.

What we look for

We are looking for ideas that:

  • Can provide public benefit in the UK, whether to a community, a sector or the country as a whole.
  • Could not be researched in the UK and therefore require overseas travel.
  • Are not already being implemented widely in the UK.

Your application must show:

  • The benefits your idea would bring to your community, profession or other groups, and to the UK as a whole.
  • Why your idea needs to be researched abroad, in which countries, and why it could not be done through desk-based research from home.
  • What are your plans for sharing your insights once you return to the UK.