Why apply?

"This was a truly life-changing experience professionally and personally."

John Boulton, headteacher, 2005 Fellow

"One of the most valuable experiences of my career. I have felt inspired, challenged, reflective, honoured and humbled by the opportunities I've had."

Deanna Gibbs, doctor, 2013 Fellow



Every year we offer up to 150 Fellowships for UK citizens to spend up to two months overseas, researching innovative and inspiring practice in a wide range of professional sectors. These are fully-funded opportunities to explore a topic of your own devising, bring that knowledge back to the UK and use it here to improve practice and policy. Applicants can come from all backgrounds and levels of experience.

A Fellowship is for life. During your trip, you will have time and full financial support to learn, reflect, network and develop in your chosen field. Fellows return revitalised, with new energy and insights, ready to spread the word about their findings. We provide further funding for this post-trip activity, and put you in touch with our nationwide network of Fellows, many working in your own field.

"The Fellowship has opened doors I didn’t even know existed. I’ve developed the professional skills to push forward children’s advocacy at every possible opportunity."

Dr Andrew Rowland, emergency medicine consultant, 2014 Fellow

A journey of personal transformation

The experience of a Travelling Fellowship gives you:

  • New or enhanced knowledge and greater credibility.
  • A new vision of life and/or work through the experience.
  • New perspectives on best practice and innovative solutions to known issues or problems.
  • A greater belief in your own abilities to achieve.
  • Renewed enthusiasm.
  • Enhanced communication skills.
  • A network of individuals working in the same field.
  • Access, where relevant, to our network of partner organisations in your field.

"My Fellowship was a pivotal point in my career."

Loraine Rutt, ceramic artist, 1996 Fellow

Who else benefits?

The benefits will reach those in your community, profession and beyond. You will:

  • Be more effective at work, having been reinvigorated by your Fellowship.
  • Return with new knowledge and ideas to share with your organisation or employer.
  • Inspire others to achieve more by acting as a role model.
  • Train others and enable them to develop further through your personal example.