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The arts are an integral and powerful part of many aspects of society and we are interested in encouraging greater access and widening contexts for their creation and enjoyment. We welcome applications that explore how the arts can improve the quality of life of individuals and communities through connecting to any of our other project categories. (In this case, please choose the relevant other category on your application form.) We are particularly keen to hear from people who are arts practitioners, in any arts form.

Alternatively, this year we have a special category for glass-makers and invite applications from those working in this medium who would benefit from overseas learning.

Additional funding for interpreters is available.

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A life-changing opportunity

Have you ever wanted to explore new ideas in a subject close to your heart? Discover how things are done in other countries and bring that knowledge back home?

A Churchill Fellowship is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to expand your horizons and make a difference. It offers up to two months overseas, researching a topic of your choice – and then a lifetime relationship to help you spread the global insights that you bring back.

Everyone can apply, regardless of age, background or qualifications, so long as they are a UK citizen over 18. We particularly welcome applicants who would not find funding elsewhere.

What is a Churchill Fellowship?

How to apply