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Our application process this year has been affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. Latest news on applying can be read here.

A life-changing opportunity

Have you ever wanted to explore new ideas in a subject close to your heart? Discover how things are done in other countries and bring that knowledge back home?

A Churchill Fellowship is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to expand your horizons and make a difference. It offers a grant for you to spend up to two months overseas, researching a topic of your choice – and then a lifetime relationship with us to help you spread the global insights that you bring back.

“My Churchill Fellowship has been a formative development experience for me. The research itself completely changed my perspective on the topic, which has had a huge influence on my work, and I'm sure it will continue to for years to come.” – Natalie Tucker (2017 Fellow researching how businesses can benefit from working with charities)

What we offer

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This award category

We are seeking applications that explore enterprise as a positive force for social good.

This includes projects around enterprise-driven solutions for social issues, or for innovation and development within charities and social-purpose projects that increase earned income and enhance sustainability and autonomy.

We are interested in applications from people working within:

  • Organisations with a social purpose, especially leaders in charities keen to increase the effectiveness of enterprise.
  • Commercial organisations embedding social good across their working practices.
  • Individuals with a passion to find positive social solutions through enterprise in any context.

This category is in partnership with The Rank Foundation

Who can apply?

Everyone can apply for a Churchill Fellowship, regardless of age, background or qualifications, so long as they are a UK resident citizen aged 18 or over. Fellows come from all parts of society, all age groups and all professional fields. We particularly welcome applicants who would not find funding elsewhere. Additional funding for interpreters is available.

How to apply

Fellows' impact in this field

Natalie TuckerIn 2017, Natalie Tucker travelled to Colombia and the USA to research how businesses can benefit from collaborations with charities. She identified a range of areas where charities' expertise can improve the way businesses operate, from making supply chains more environmentally friendly, to providing great service for vulnerable customers.

Paul McMinnPaul McMinn (pictured right) and Roger Warnock travelled to the USA in 2010 and 2013 respectively to research support for young adults. They later joined forces, forming a management consultancy, and in 2015 launched a new social enterprise: a café and second-hand book shop employing young parents who have had contact with the justice system.