Benefits for employers

As an employer, how would you benefit from your employee undertaking a Churchill Fellowship?

  • Your employee will return with new knowledge and professional networks to strengthen the organisation.
  • Your employee will be more effective at work, having been refreshed and reinvigorated by their Fellowship experience.
  • They will be a more skilled and confident member of staff.
  • They should have acquired new perspectives in best practice and innovative solutions to known issues or problems.
  • The organisation will feel more confident about implementing or translating best practice seen at first hand by their employees.
  • A Churchill Fellowship provides a unique opportunity for an employee to be funded to undertake research to support a specific need.

Employers have said:

"Damian's research has been a great opportunity to look at best practice and progress overseas in relation to tackling gang crime and how London can benefit from other organisations' experiences, helping us to develop and improve further".

Detective Superintendent Dean Haydon, Metropolitan Police Service 

"Craig's Fellowship has informed our planning and has made us more ambitious".

Mr Paul Fisher, Headmaster, Loughborough Grammar School 

Our Fellows have said:

'It has made a difference to the organisation I work for. We have used my recommendations to improve the work that we are doing with children and young people in East London, and some of our ideas are now being embedded in national policy across the UK".

Kevin Munday, education worker, Churchill Fellow 2011

You may be interested to know:

In recent years we have developed several partnerships with other charities and organisations who have expertise in areas in which we are funding Fellowships. They all offer successful Fellows active networks of relevant professionals with whom to share their findings, and exchange ideas and best practice. This could benefit you as an employer too.

Please do get in touch with us if:

  • You are an employer and have any questions regarding the Travelling Fellowship Scheme. We can be reached on 020 7799 1660 or [email protected]