What the Action Fund will cover

The second round of our Covid-19 Action Fund is now closed. Applications for Round Three will open in early 2021. The details below relate to Round Two and have been left up for your information.

The Action Fund’s purpose is to support Churchill Fellows’ vital contribution to the national effort around Covid-19. It offers one-off grants of up to £10,000 and collects lessons learnt for future use.

The autumn 2020 round of this fund aims to support longer term renewal projects in the UK. We are looking for far-reaching proposals that will promote social and economic recovery, reconstruction or future prevention. 

What this will fund

  • Project costs (such as legal advice, website design, technical support, adaptation of resources for different audiences, equipment, impact evaluations, etc).
  • A stipend or income supplement while you are delivering your Covid-19 response (if you are not eligible for relief or government funds).
  • Vital life costs, where this will give you the time and capacity to implement your proposal. (This could include a contribution to extra childcare costs, carer costs, etc.)
  • A step-change, replication or expansion of your existing operations, to respond to unpredictable needs.
  • Sharing findings, policy briefings and raising awareness activities in the context of Covid-19, if there is a clear outcome of this work.
  • Implementation of a pilot project, prototype, research project or product.
  • Travel within the UK for the purposes of the project.
  • Delivery of Covid-19-related services that meet the funding criteria.

What this will not fund

  • Projects for which there is no demonstrable demand.
  • Promotion of a political party.
  • Proselytising on religious grounds.
  • Work that is not for public benefit.
  • An idea that will only benefit the applicant, not the wider UK society.
  • Academic studies, dissertations for undergraduate degrees, degree placements, medical electives, student grants, internships, etc.
  • Post-graduate studies.
  • Gap year activities, unless the application is for a stand-alone project.
  • Art projects that will result only in an exhibition and have no public benefit beyond raising the profile and expertise of the applicant.
  • Artist's residencies.
  • Research for fiction unless it has a wider public benefit.
  • Where the project is solely about enabling an individual to volunteer.
  • Organisational running costs.
  • University or large institutional overheads.
  • One-off activities, such as conferences, festivals, trips, a workshop, etc.
  • Moving your services online.
  • Travel outside of the UK.
  • Distribution of equipment.

How to apply

Covid-19 Action Fund round one winners

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