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Fellows' action on Covid-19

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"Absolutely brilliant! Adaptability in a timely and generous fashion means the Churchill Fellowships can not only help the nation in this global emergency, but provide professional brilliance, giving hope in a time of these COVID-19 shadows." -  Air ambulance paramedic Sammy Wills, Fellow 

Our Covid-19 Action Plan is designed to support the vital contribution of Churchill Fellows to the national effort on Covid-19, now and for the future.

It has four points:

  1. Funding: our new Covid-19 Action Fund will offer grants of up to £10,000 for Fellows’ Covid-19 related activities. We are investing in grants and 'lessons learnt', and seeking donations to grow this. You can donate to this vital work here.
  2. Collaboration: our Covid-19 Action Network is an online forum where Fellows can share ideas and request assistance on Covid-19 activities. Fellows can join the Network here.
  3. Knowledge-sharing: our Covid-19 Action Hub and social media channels will publicise relevant activities, recommendations and reports from Fellows. You can read Fellows' blogs on Covid-19 here.
  4. Lessons learnt: as the UK moves into the recovery phase, we will gather ‘lessons learnt’ from Fellows’ activities on Covid-19, to create a national resource and knowledge bank of learnings and recommendations. This resource will be available for policy-makers and practitioners in many sectors as the UK starts to restore itself, build resilience and prevent future similar scenarios.

Given the current context, and the uncertainties of travel for the foreseeable future, we will not open for Fellowship applications this year. Read statement

We look forward to supporting our 2020 Fellows to undertake their travels once it is safe and feasible to do so, and plan to open for Fellowship applications in 2021. Sign up for application alerts

To find out more, please follow us on Twitter. To support our Action Fund, please use the donate button below or contact our Development Director Chris Mann on [email protected]

Donate to our Covid-19 Action Fund