Covid-19 and education: Fellows’ case studies

 Phil Avery has launched, via his Education Trust, a series of educational resources for students to use during lockdown

Churchill Fellows are taking action against Covid-19 in a multitude of crucial areas, including working on measures to support education. Here are their latest activities and insights.

Dr Arlene Holmes Henderson: qualifications 

Educator Dr Arlene Holmes Henderson is providing specialist advice to exam boards, national governments and regulators on how to award qualifications for school students who will not sit exams this summer. Additionally she is working in collaboration with the Council for Subject Associations to curate a list of free online resources that teachers, parents and students can access to support learning at home. Arlene is drawing upon her Fellowship findings, where she explored different international educational models and policy approaches.

Emma Sullivan: careers advice

Company founder Emma Sullivan has been providing 16-25 year olds with online careers advice and putting them in touch with corporate volunteers for e-mentoring via her organisation Prospela which she co-founded. As a result of the pandemic, young people are experiencing the mass cancellation of in-person recruiting, skills-building and networking events and additionally face a climate of rising unemployment levels. Emma  is using her Fellowship research to attempt to combat this. Her Fellowship explored how tech can embed volunteering in everyday corporate activities.

Geneva Ellis: children in care

Charity director Geneva Ellis has been providing educational support for looked after children and care leavers during the pandemic via her charity, St Christopher's Fellowship. With learning interrupted due to school closures, Geneva and her colleagues have provided students across 12 children’s homes with laptops and wifi access so they can continue their schoolwork and keep connected with friends. Additionally they've provided further training and resources for staff to help support these students with their learning so that they are not left behind, particularly those who were due to sit exams this summer. Geneva received a Covid-19 Action Fund grant to support this work. 

Jo Driscoll: mental health

Mental Health Director Jo Driscoll is working with her colleagues at a sixth form centre to provide mental health and wellbeing support to students so that they continue to feel connected during lockdown. She has set up 'Wellbeing Wednesdays' where students are provided with ideas to support their wellbeing as well as being offered a wellbeing appointment where they can receive virtual support. Jo has also helped to develop an 8-week online induction programme for new starters who will be joining the college in September so that they feel connected. Jo is also working on other packages of support for when they return. Jo is a 2020 Fellow and hasn't travelled yet. Her Fellowship topic will explore an integrated approach on returning to education following a crisis.

Phil Avery: careers advice 

Education Director Phil Avery has launched, via his Education Trust, a series of educational resources for students to use during lockdown. This includes education beyond examined subjects, such as a suite of outdoor resources. He has also been researching the impact of the pandemic on students’ wellbeing and learning across seven schools and has been working with Careers and Enterprise Company to provide careers lessons via an online academy for students leaving school this year who are seeking employment. Phil's Churchill Fellowship explored Developing globally competitive students through Challenge Based Learning and STEM.

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