Covid-19 and health and social care: Fellows’ case studies

Zafar Ahmad (above) is using 3D printing to create face shields for healthcare workers

Churchill Fellows are taking action against Covid-19 in a multitude of crucial areas, including working on measures to support health and social care provision. Here are their latest activities and insights.

Zafar Ahmad: 3D printing 

Orthopaedic surgeon Zafar Ahmad is using 3D printing to create face shields for healthcare workers. Zafar has also been working on the frontline to treat patients with Covid-19 and is now carrying out a survey of other doctors who were redeployed to support with the crisis within his NHS Trust. Additionally, he is collecting chest imaging to upload to a central database which will help develop medical research around Covid-19. 

Samantha Donnellan: drug screening 

Medical researcher Samantha Donnellan has been working on drug screening against Covid-19 at the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine. She usually works on TB and HIV research but has been redeployed during the pandemic. Samantha has also been discussing her work on local radio. Read Samantha's Fellowship Report: Rapid drug screening for multi-drug resistant Tuberculosis: a deadly disease.

Erin P Dooley: education  

Digital healthcare consultant Erin P Dooley is working on research around digital health education, remote learning tele-health and patient-centred app development at the University of Bristol, where she is also updating course materials. Additionally she is working on a grant application for the development of a digital health app. This aims to help young people and their families to cope with anxiety about Covid-19, social distancing, and keeping fit and healthy. It will also address misconceptions about the disease. Erin is using some of her Fellowship learnings, which explored the future of digital healthcare and e-health.

Rebecca Jarvis: care homes

Health director Rebecca Jarvis has been providing support to care homes during the pandemic in her role as Director of Operations at the Health Innovation Network. This includes developing practical guidance and support for care home staff, helping homes get set up with IT solutions for remote clinical supportand so that residents can keep in touch with their families, and ensuring residents have had documented their end of life wishes. Read Rebecca's Fellowship Report: Alternatives to institutional care for older people.

Derek Macallan: medical research 

Infectious diseases physician Derek Macallan has been involved in the clinical response to Covid-19 since the beginning of the pandemic in the UK. As a Consultant at St George's Hospital in London, which received a large number of Covid-19 cases at the peak, he has been working on the frontline to provide medical care for patients. He has also been involved in setting up several research projects and is waiting to hear if a proposal to the UKRI for a study of genetic determinants of immunity and disease outcomes will be funded. He is drawing upon lessons learnt from his Churchill Fellowship during which he visited an immunology laboratory in Melbourne looking at immune responses to viral infections. 

Allison Sykes: frontline

Senior Nurse in Infection Prevention and Control Allison Sykes has been working with her NHS Trust to safely manage patients with Covid-19. This includes implementing national guidance across the organisation, educating and supporting staff and developing new protocols. Read Allison's Fellowship Report: An International review of high level isolation units.

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