Covid-19 and older people: Fellows’ case studies

Nicky Taylor (above) has been working to ensure that people living with dementia do not become isolated

Churchill Fellows are taking action against Covid-19 in a multitude of crucial areas, including working on measures to support older people. Here are their latest activities and insights.

Rebecca Jarvis: care homes

Health director Rebecca Jarvis has been providing support to care homes during the pandemic in her role as Director of Operations at the Health Innovation Network. This includes developing practical guidance and support for care home staff, helping homes get set up with IT solutions for remote clinical support and so that residents can keep in touch with their families, and ensuring residents have had documented their end of life wishes.  Rebecca's Fellowship explored alternatives to long term institutional care for older people. Read Rebecca's Fellowship Report: Alternatives to institutional care for older people.

Nicky Taylor: dementia care

Arts Worker Nicky Taylor has been working with her organisation Leeds Playhouse to ensure that people living with dementia who rely on creative activities and social connection do not become totally isolated. Nicky has been coaching people with dementia to use Zoom in order to connect with their regular groups. She has also been gathering thoughts and creative expressions from participants to articulate their experience of the pandemic to inform wider society of its impact on people affected by dementia. Nicky's Fellowship topic was Creating Together: Connecting People Living with Dementia, Families, Communities and Theatre. Read Nicky's Fellowship Report: Creating together: connecting people with dementia, families, communities and theatre.

Paula Turner: dementia care

Dance artist Paula Turner has been providing arts and wellbeing support for people living with dementia (PLWD) and their carers during lockdown. Initiatives she's undertaken include facilitating a  letter and art exchange between children of key workers and elders;  delivering medication and food to PLWD and their carers; creating music and mindful movement resources to support PLWD; and providing telephone support to families and carers of PWLD but who can't visit them due to Covid protocol in care homes.

Fellows' activities on Covid-19

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