Networks list

Our thematic networks provide Fellows who have researched related issues with a platform to connect with each other, and share their learning and expertise. They are intended to encourage lateral thinking and collaboration, and are also used to share information, funding opportunities and news on events.

All new Fellows are connected to existing Networks shortly after they are awarded a Fellowship. Networks listed in bold below are broader, over-arching networks that are intended to encourage lateral thinking and collaboration. Within these broader networks are also networks centred around particular areas of interest. If you join one of these, you will also be included in the broader network. 

If you are a Fellow and you would like to be connected to one of the networks listed below, or opt out of a network you are part of, please contact us.

Networks followed by an asterisk are run through our online networking platform, Mobilize, and can be joined by logging into your account at If you do not have a Mobilize account, you can request one by email here.

If you would like to set up a new network, or host a network event, details of how you can do this can be found on the Fellows’ resources page in the members area.


Arts, Crafts and Design
Children and Young People
Education and Learning
Environment, Food and Rural Affairs
Medicine and Health
Science and Technology
Society and Communities


Arts, Crafts and Design

Arts and Older People - Creative Ageing*

Community Theatre and Music

Crafts and Makers



Children and Young People

Early Years Prevention and Intervention*

Youth Engagement and Empowerment


Education and Learning

Aspiring Head Teachers 

Education - Improving Attainment Levels in 5-19 year olds 

Museums - Education, Outreach & Curation

Special Educational Needs


Environment, Food and Rural Affairs

Food Security and Production


Nature and Wildlife



Medicine and Health

Cancer Care

Medicine and Technology

Mental Health*

Patient Care*

Palliative Care

Substance Misuse

Suicide: prevention, intervention and postvention

Veteran Support


Science and Technology


Marine Science


Society and Communities



Blind/Partially Sighted

Civic Participation

Communities that Work*

Deafness Related


Domestic/Gender Based Violence

Emergency Services and Planning


Housing and Homelessness*



Prison and Justice Reform*

Self-Employed Fellows*