Directory of Fellows

  • Alan Elsworth

    Alan Elsworth

  • Alan Finnegan

    Alan Finnegan

    Director of the Westminster Centre for Research and Innovation in Veterans Wellbeing. Professor of Nursing and Military Mental Health at the University of Chester

  • Alan Flintham

    Alan Flintham

    Alan Flintham has been a secondary school headteacher, an education researcher and leadership consultant, and is a priest in the Church of England, serving as a Chaplain...

  • Alan Gale

    Alan Gale

  • Alan Goodall

    Alan Goodall

    After training to be a teacher at the University of Chichester (1961- 1964) I taught for three years in the Wirral, Cheshire. Then I returned to study Life Sciences at...

  • Alan Hobbett

    Alan Hobbett

  • Alan Houghton

    Alan Houghton

  • Alan Hudson

    Alan Hudson

  • Alan Hunt

    Alan Hunt

  • Alan Hydes

    Alan Hydes