1996 Fellow hosts "Pocket Globe" making demonstration

Author: Loraine Rutt
1996 Fellow hosts

From the 3rd to the 6th May, 1996 Fellow Loraine Rutt will be exhibiting her hand made porcelain "Pocket Globes" at Shapero Modern in London. Loraine will also be be providing a demonstration of the making and handpainting of the globes.

For her Fellowship, Loraine travelled to Spain, the USA and Mexico to study the use of studio ceramics in architecture. She launched her range of 'Pocket Globes' as artist edition pieces in January 2016. They have since been bought by private collectors and entered museum collections in China. In May last year she was commissioned by London Business School to create 21 bespoke globes to present to the patrons of The Campaign, which had raised substantial funding for a new school in Marylebone Town Hall.

Loraine's exhibition is being hosted by TAG Fine Arts and is one of many events taking place as part of London Craft Week.

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