Britain's Treasure Islands: The natural history of the Overseas Territories

Britain's Treasure Islands: The natural history of the Overseas Territories

Join Fellow Stewart McPherson for an evening's journey across all of Britain's overseas lands, ahead of the broadcast of his documentary series.

The UK Overseas Territories are Britain’s most remote outposts. Scattered across all Seven Seas, they cover an area seven times the size of the British Isles. They are home to 350,000 British subjects, thousands of unique species and many of the greatest wildlife spectacles on earth... yet few know that the territories even exist or remain part of the United Kingdom today.

Join explorer and filmmaker Stewart McPherson as he takes you on a voyage from the equator to the South Pole, traversing lush tropical atolls, active volcanoes and windswept Antarctic islands.

Stewart will recount stories from filming a 4-part TV documentary series and showcase the wonders of the territories: some of the world’s biggest penguin, turtle and seal colonies; the most remote inhabited settlements on the planet; the history of the mutiny on the Bounty and the imprisonment of Napoleon Bonaparte. 

Guest speakers from across the territories share their insights on these incredible islands and the globally important wildlife that they harbour. 

Come for a unique evening to discover an incredible secret side of the United Kingdom. One that you never knew existed!

This event is organised in association with the UK Overseas Territories Conservation Forum. All ticket proceeds will go towards protecting and promoting the territories. 

Tickets are £10 (£8 concessions) from link below.

Email Catherine Wensink with enquiries: [email protected]