East Anglia Association of Churchill Fellows' summer meeting

East Anglia Association of Churchill Fellows' summer meeting

Join the East Anglia Association of Churchill Fellows for their summer meeting on Saturday 14 July.

Gainsborough's House explores the life and art of Thomas Gainsborough one of the greatest artists of his age, renowned throughout the world for his portrait and landscape paintings. Thomas Gainsborough (1727-88) was born in Sudbury and lived there until about 1740 when, as a young teenager, he was sent to London to pursue a career as an artist.

A talk will be given on the artist and the collection. There will be time to view the extensive collection of paintings in this extremely important but inconspicuous museum.

Clare Hammerton (Fellow 2015) will speak about her Fellowship. Clare has worked for the past 10 years to continually improve social care support in Suffolk and, as well as visiting the USA on her Fellowship, in 2017 visited Sweden to research how social care services engage with, commission and integrate 'creative ageing'. Alongside examples, Clare will talk about the recommendations she is making to ensure creative ageing becomes part of good social care practice throughout the UK.

Tickets are £12.50 (with a subsidy from the Association) and include entry to the Museum and a Waitrose sandwich lunch. The vast majority of the premises is wheelchair accessible with only the very top small exhibition space (up six stairs) not easily accessible.

Please contact Peter Hesketh, Secretary of East Anglia Association, if you would like to come and he will send you further details.