East Midlands Association Annual Walk

East Midlands Association Annual Walk

A September walk in Derbyshire led by Ken Parker

Meet at the Whitworth Centre in Darley Dale - 3 miles north of Matlock on the A6 (free car parking). Walk up to Darley Hillside then through Tinkersley and down to Rowsley. Return along the old railway to Whitworth Centre with a short diversion to Darley Dale Church hearing the story of Sir Joseph Whitworth - a now largely forgotten Victorian engineer whose inventions live with us today. Also the story of the Midland Railway and the attempts to restore it (partly achieved) and/or convert it into a cycling trail (this may even be under construction in September). The walk is about 5 miles. A long moderate hill to start with, good paths and some great views along the Wye valley.

As an alternative for those who don't want to walk so far Viv Parker will lead a stroll round Whitworth Park and there would be an opportunity for a steam train ride from Darley Dale station. There is also the Peak Village Retail Outlet in Rowsley.

The Whitworth Centre does splendid afternoon teas at a reasonable price (tea, sandwiches, cake etc) at 4.00 pm

Contact Ted Grey for more information.