An Evening Of Latin Dance Theatre

Author: Ella Mesma
An Evening Of Latin Dance Theatre

An evening of Latin dance works by Ella Mesma and Element Arts at the Chelsea Theatre

The night will include:

Filhos De Oya: A show made up of dancers from community classes in London.

Nana: A contemporary Latin salsa piece inspired by the earth grandmother of the Orishas, Nana.

Ecdysis: A solo created for Ella Mesma by Anthony Egea (Compagnie Revolution), exploring ideas around the Peruvian ‘Chakana’.

Birds of Paradise: Working with two musicians, percussionist Xavier Osmir and beatboxer Marv the Radio, this will be a conversation between dance artist and musician. Drawing on the traditions of the Brazilian Samba no Pe, the piece will explore the mask of the samba dancer - the costume, theatre and prowess.

Orixas: Orixas refers to the Orishas of Yoruba mythology. These deities or spirits have individual attributes and skills connected to natural phenomena and are associated with specific rituals. Inspired by Afro-Cuban and Afro-Brazilian deities, the performances represent love, pursuit, passion, and loss through the voyage of four individuals.

Finishing with a samba show. 

This work was supported using public funding by the National Lottery through Arts Council England.

Price: £8/6