Policy Advice Webinar for Fellows

Policy Advice Webinar for Fellows

All Fellows are invited to our free webinar on influencing policy-makers on 19 March.

WCMT is offering a free online webinar to all Fellows interested in using their findings to influence policy-making. This will provide advice and share experiences from selected Churchill Fellows who have successfully affected policy both nationally and locally.

You can join the webinar at lunchtime on Thursday 19 March 2018, 1-2pm. It is open to all Churchill Fellows, regardless of where you are on your travels or how long ago you were awarded.

The webinar programme will start with a discussion by Fellows who have successfully shared their findings with policy makers:

  • Lindsay Graham is a former community nurse, civil servant and specialist in School Food and Health programmes. Her 2014 Fellowship to the USA saw Lindsay research the federally-funded Summer Meals programme, and took her recommendations back to UK government regions. As a result, she changed her career to become a Child Food Poverty Policy Advisor and has become a well-known lobbyist and campaigner on UK Child Hunger.
  • Eva Okwonga is a musician, activist and researcher with lived experience of mental illness. Her 2016 Fellowship to the USA was based with the Me2/Orchestra, the world’s only peer-led classical music organisation for those with mental health problems and their carers. Since returning to the UK, Eva has presented her findings to the All Party Parliamentary Group on Arts, Health and Well-Being at the House of Lords, and has contributed evidence to a report the Group is producing on its work since 2014.
  • Professor Alison Leary is a researcher with a background in nursing, medicine, maths and physical sciences. Her 2016 Fellowship to the USA and Switzerland explored what healthcare can learn from other safety-critical industries. Alison is currently Chair of Healthcare and Workforce Modelling at Southbank University and is working on cancer-care modelling for London.

This discussion will be followed by a live Q&A with the speakers, when you can ask all your own questions.

If you are interested in joining, please contact Nikesh in advance on 0207 799 1660 or [email protected].