Refresher Webinars for Fellows

Refresher Webinars for Fellows

Fellows who have completed their travels are invited to our free Refresher Webinar on Thursday 18 October.

This is a special opportunity for Fellows who have returned from their travels to get detailed advice on what to do next and how we can help. It will focus on how to make the most of your findings through media, influencing, and the all-important Fellowship Report. Members of our team will offer their advice and then there will be a live Q&A for all your questions.

We are running the webinar at two times on 18 October: first at 12:30pm and then again at 7:00pm. 

It is open to all Fellows, regardless of where you are in your Fellowship, or how long ago you completed it.

The event will include short presentations from members of the WCMT team:

  • Tristan Lawrence, our Fellowship Development Manager, will be giving some advice on writing your Fellowship Report, including some general guidelines and tips and tricks, which will be useful for reports of all formats and at all stages of writing. He will also be giving a hands on tutorial on using our networks, and covering the new opportunities which are now available.
  • Jonathan Lorie, our Communications Director, will explain the ways both he and Communications Officer Ben Anstis can support your Fellowship - from award, through to travel and beyond. He will suggest ways they can help you to raise awareness of your Fellowship findings amongst different audiences, including press, social media, policy-makers and your own sector, and the opportunities that are out there to promote your learnings more widely.

These will be followed by a live Q&A with the WCMT team on the themes above, or any other questions you may have regarding your Fellowship. 

If you are interested in joining online, please contact Nikesh in advance on 0207 799 1660 or [email protected].