Social media and blogging webinar for Fellows

Social media and blogging webinar for Fellows

All Churchill Fellows are invited to our free Social media and blogging webinar on Wednesday 21 November.

This is a special opportunity for all interested Fellows to get detailed advice on how you can use social media and blogging to communicate findings from your Fellowship. If you are new to social media and blogging, or you're not sure what value these tools can add to helping you share your findings, then you may find this webinar particularly useful.

We are running the webinar at 1pm on 21 November and it will last about 45 minutes.

It is open to all Fellows, regardless of where you are in your Fellowship, or how long ago you completed it.

The event will include a discussion between a member of the WCMT team and a panel of Churchill Fellows, which will include:

  • Toby Carr, who led a sea kayaking expedition to explore the northern extremities of the shipping forecast. Toby documented his travels through a blog and on Twitter and Instagram.
  • Siobhann Tighe, who travelled to Sweden and the USA to find out about prison radio stations that are accessible to the wider public. Siobhann documented her travels through a blog.
  • Siofra Caherty, who travelled to Canada, Denmark, Switzerland and the USA to study 'zero waste' initiatives. Siofra documented her travels through a blog and on Instagram.

After the discussion, you will have a chance to ask the panelists questions.

Before joining the webinar, you may find it useful to read our guide to blogging.

If you are interested in joining online, please contact Ben Anstis, Communications Officer, in advance on 020 7799 1678 or [email protected].