Symposium: The Power of the Art Medal

Author: Abigail Burt
Symposium: The Power of the Art Medal

2016 Fellow Abigail Burt will be speaking at "Symposium: The Power of the Art Medal", an event held at Goldsmiths Art Centre on Monday 3rd April. The event may be of interest to students and artists.

For her Fellowship, Abigail, pictured during her Fellowship, travelled to India and Nepal to investigate the practice of lost-wax casting as a method of casting bronze.

The Power of the Art Medal Symposium brings together a group of experts and artists who are engaged in conversations around the origins, importance and influence of the modern art medal. Each speaker will present their talk, followed by an open-floor Q&A discussion.

Abigail is the third speaker at the symposium and will be discussing life as a graduate, including the BAMS New Medallist Award, her commission for the United Guilds Service of St Paul's Cathedral and her Winston Churchill Fellowship.

This symposium, organised by the British Art Medal Society as part of the exhibition Celebrating 80: Art in the Hand, provides an open space for students and tutors to consider and discuss the diverse aspects of the art medal.

Tickets can be purchased using the link below.