Taking photos to communicate your project - webinar for Fellows

Taking photos to communicate your project - webinar for Fellows

All Churchill Fellows are invited to join our free webinar on 'Taking photos to communicate your project', available online from Thursday 28 February.

This is a special opportunity for all interested Fellows to get detailed advice on how to take photos that capture and communicate your project. Effective photographs can help you to communicate your ideas, grow your public profile, gain media coverage and create an eyecatching Fellow's report.

This webinar will consist of an online presentation by Jonathan Lorie, WCMT Communications Director, who is also a working journalist. It will be available from Thursday 28 February in the Fellows' resources section of our website. It is accessible to all Fellows, regardless of where you are in your Fellowship or how long ago you completed it.

Please note that we originally planned to release this webinar on Wednesday 20 February, but unfortunately we have had to delay this. Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience.

Before joining the webinar, you may find it useful to read our guide to Taking good photos.

If you would like to receive an email once the webinar is available online, please contact Ben Anstis, Communications Officer, in advance on 020 7799 1678 or ben.anstis@wcmt.org.uk.

Top photo: Churchill Fellow Beth Ripper in Australia photographing stick and leaf insects in their natural habitat.